Let’s talk, Toronto

By Edward KeenanKeenan, Edward

The city of Toronto has been through a fascinating couple of years: having apparently turned its back on David Miller-style urbanism for the disgruntled populism of Rob Ford, we proceeded to see Ford’s proposals generate huge levels of outrage that turned city council against him. Facing an election campaign kicking off in about a year, we’re at a bit of a crossroads as a city.

Can we heal the divisions—between drivers and cyclists, downtown and suburbs, taxpayer and citizen—that have become such a regular part of our discourse? Is there any hope of addressing issues such as transit expansion, housing affordability and smart development that will make every neighbourhood in the city better? What do we even hope to be as a city? It seems like a conversation we need to have—and one too important to leave to politicians. So we’re asking smart people from across Toronto to start asking such questions, and to start proposing solutions, large and small, to challenges we face in redefining our growing global metropolis in the early years of the 21st century.

Join Edward Keenan, author of Some Great Idea, and Ivor Tossell, author of The Gift of Ford, for Toronto Talks: The Future of Our City on February 20.


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