You have to keep moving

© Tobias Lundqvist

By Mons Kallentoft

I am currently editing two books, my next crime novel and an autobiographical book on gastronomy called Food Junkie.

My crime stories are translated to 26 languages.

But the gastronomy book is a much harder sell for my agent, which is a pity, since it is in my opinion the best and most important book I have ever written.

But that’s how the book business works. Better to focus on something we know will work than charter into unknown territory.

But as a writer that is pretty much the most dangerous thing you can do.

Artistically you have to keep moving, challenging yourself, inventing your art over and over again, otherwise you will be finished, sooner than later.

I am writing this in Stockholm, and if everything goes as planned I will be in Toronto this time next week.

Looking forward very much to meeting a lot of nice, interesting people, enjoying the city, and check out some restaurants.

One advice: two books in a year is one too many. At least for me.


Especially if you focus on quality as I try to do.

Click here for more about Kallentoft, author of Autumn Killing, at IFOA.

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